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Adina Reyter

Carnival Necklace Bead Party

Carnival Necklace Bead Party

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The Carnival Bead Pary Necklace has 8 beads total - a red gradient of sterling silver enamel beads  and a hand-set pavé diamond bead. Each bead measures 6mm tall. 

Adjustable 15/16" chain. Total Diamond Carat Weight: 0.05 Ct.


While Adina Reyter jewelry is meant to be lived in, our enamel pieces need a little extra care. To keep your AR Enamel looking its best we recommend taking your enamel pieces off in the water (specifically chlorinated pools or oceans), or while heavily working out (perspiration can discolor your enamel). Also, keep enamel away from lotions and harsh cleansers. To clean your enamel we recommend using a gentle cleanser and wiping clean with a damp gentle cloth.

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